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Tofte Manor is a beautiful home and elemental venue that has been designed with the intention of creating supportive, sacred spaces in which deep work can be accomplished. Because of its nature as a home, it is a place of intimacy and nurture. The property is exclusively yours during your hire and includes access to the beautiful gardens and the unique Labyrinths. We have a huge fire pit area in the form of the Ouroboros. The gardens are filled with carefully placed crystals that support the energy of this elemental venue. We provide free Tofte water which has been energetically charged and everyone loves.

"Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than within his own soul" Marcus Aurelius

It is all too easy in this world of high activity, targets and ambitions to overlook the importance of taking time out to simply ‘be’. Retreats are a time to ‘treat’ oneself and recharge with no external intrusions.

Tofte Manor is a wonderful venue for group retreats, providing an environment that is energetically charged and incredibly peaceful.


Sitting on a ley line, this beautiful, harmonious house and grounds provides the ideal environment for contemplation, healing and personal development.

Retreats are held in the Crystal Room, the House of Feathers. Both Labyrinths play an important part in contemplation and mindfulness practices. Crystal Healing and massage is available with advance booking.

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