Rebalancing mind, body and soul




The purpose of a crystal energy healing session is to clear blockages, re-balance, fine tune, and harmonise the subtle energy system of the physical body. Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the universal energetic field force and works on the principle that everything has a vibration and that everything is connected, be it organic or inorganic, through this vibrational energy field. All the minerals and elements that our bodies hold are contained within crystals.

Crystals are well known to be conductors and amplifiers of energy. Their internal atomic structure is a perfect geometric pattern of aligned and harmonised atoms. Using intention and conscious effort we can open our energy fields to their healing qualities.

A typical session takes about an hour during which you will relax on a massage bed and have crystals placed on and around your body focussing on the chakra centres. Apart from crystals, colour, sound, aromatic oils, geometry and Shamanic practices may be used during a session. 

Everyone is encouraged to walk the Tofte Labyrinth and to drink the Tofte water before having a healing session. This helps to balance the energy fields and enables the healing to go even deeper. You may experience symptoms of energy detox when blocked stagnant energy has been shifted, you may experience tingling, cold, heat, see colours or just feel deeply relaxed. It is not unusual for emotions to erupt and be released.





Suzy is owner and creator of Tofte Manor and the Tofte Elemental Labyrinth.  She has had a lifelong fascination with energy, crystals and what lies beyond the veil. Influenced by growing up in Africa she trained as a crystal therapist and energy worker some 20 years ago.

She has studied in the fields of yoga, meditation, shamanism, sacred geometry, astrology, tarot, labyrinths, Kabbalah, tantra and the Egyptian Star of Life. She is interested in the repeated patterns and polarities that exist in our universe and how these are mirrored within us.

Her work here at Tofte is dedicated to providing safe sacred space in which deep soul work can be accomplished. In her healing work she strives to enable your connection to your true and complete wholeness. She believes in the importance of staying connected to the earth, to animals, plants, the natural rhythms of life, drinking vital water and listening to your soul’s calling.

Her work is intuitive and spirit lead, allowing your soul to be the guide and master.

To make an appointment please call Suzy on 07973358572