Yoga Retreat Venues To Hire Near London

Is 2020 the year you’re looking to hire a yoga retreat venue near London?


Whether it’s your first or you’re well-versed in the art of hosting yoga treats, you’ll know the value of finding the right location. It can make or break the retreat, so it’s important to consider all aspect when booking a retreat venue near London.


Here at Tofte Manor we are proud to offer our 17th Century manor house to those who are looking to find peace, solitude and a relaxing environment. You’ll be able to explore sacred spaces such as our Labyrinth that is a perfect spot for those looking to slow down and reconnect with their soul.


Our magical gardens are filled with carefully placed crystals to help support the energy, something that we hope will make to your time spent with us even more beneficial. If you choose our venue for your next retreat near London, we will take great care of you and your group in this beautiful home.


We have plenty of information on our website which will tell you more about our wonderful manor house or you could always pay us a visit.

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