Yoga Retreat Venues For Hire Bedfordshire

The location that you choose when looking for yoga retreat venues for hire in Bedfordshire can make all the difference

Whether you’ve hosted many retreats over the years or are looking to host your first one, the location you choose is vital.

Whilst having the right accommodation and facilities is a given, perhaps the most important aspect when choosing your venue comes down to the venue itself. Is it quiet and secluded? Does it offer a calm and tranquil place in which you can teach yoga uninterrupted? Do the buildings and location have good energy and are there plenty of places to quietly reflect? What energetic intention lies behind the purpose of the venue?

If you’re looking for somewhere very special, then Tofte Manor is the place for you.

Our 17th Century manor house is rich in character, beautiful tranquil gardens filled with crystals, swings and significantly powerful trees offer a holistic environment that is perfect for yoga retreats. Tofte Manor  has been designed with the intention of creating a safe, held space in which to drop. Crystals have been carefully placed all over the property and the Labyrinth provides a perfect spot for reflection and contemplation.  

During your overnight stay, you will have full run of the manor house and gardens as well as the 50 acres of grounds. Come and visit or talk to us about your requirements. Get in touch via our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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