Finding Peace & Tranquility at Home


Virtual Yoga Sessions. As it  is not possible to run Retreats and Workshops at Tofte for a while, so we have invited our facilitators who practice regularly at Tofte Manor to give you the chance to be included in their At Home Yoga sessions. These will be posted on the website as we receive them and will be frequently updated.

Some of the sessions are just mindful exercises, others are full length classes and there are even on-line retreats including a sleep and relaxation one with Harmonisation.

The BBC have created an online yoga class for all abilities which you can do wherever you are, just CLICK HERE to see:

Wellbeing. At this extremely strange time of trying to live within the confines of the Coronavirus restrictions, it is essential to be particularly kind to your physical, mental and spiritual spiritual and emotional self. 

As frightening as this time of uncertainty may be, it is also a wonderful opportunity to hit the ‘pause button’ and give yourself time to really reconnect with your own inner truth. This is the time of the Spring Equinox, a time to sow the seeds of what you wish to harvest during the next period growth, a time to think deeply on what we as a human race want our future to be. Time to ask yourself the big questions:

What is being asked of me?

What are my true desires and wishes?

Who am I?

How can I be of service?

Mindfulness. If you can, get out of the house and go for a walk. Look up to the sky, listen to the birds and the wind in the trees, feel the air on your face, inhale the scents of the season. Take time to connect to the elements of this beautiful world.  Earth, air, fire and water. Without these our world would not exist!


 If you find yourself getting stressed or anxious:

Stop whatever you are doing and close your eyes


Take your attention into your body and see where you are feeling the stress or anxiety


On each IN breath flood your favourite ‘happy’ colour into that place


One each OUT breath drop your shoulders and let go



Get creative. Keep a journal. You might not have done any art since you were at school. Sit for twenty minutes or so and sketch a plant, the cat, your feet. Lose yourself in experimenting with drawing materials or writing your thoughts.


Make a photograph book. All those pictures on your phone and computer, maybe it's now time to have some printed in a book or as cards to send friends who you can't be with at this time. 

Family Tree. This is a very absorbing a rewarding project. There are many on-line family tree sites which make it very easy to see documents, photographs and research regarding members of your family. It gives your life a third dimension seeing the names of those who came before you, a reassurance that life will go on!

Music & Theatre. Now that theatres have closed, you will find on-line links to recordings of live performances of operas; musicals; ballets; concerts and plays which are delicious to immerse yourself in. Who knows, you might be inspired to create something yourself!


Galleries and Museums have also arranged on-line viewing tours, so all artistic stimulation is available - not to mention reading books and cooking! 

​Keeping Calm & Carrying On. At Tofte we shall be making a series of calming Elemental films to relax and reassure you that Mother Nature is caring for your beautiful world and you are part of its' magic.






Reclaim Your Self Retreats 



We are on pause right now, but we will back when it’s the right time. We know many people will need taking care of once we get past this and we are ready to serve. Going forward, we will do our best to provide affordable/complimentary places for our wonderful NHS workers. Thank you for all that you are doing.


Here are some links to our latest “at home” wellness resources from our team. 



At Home with the Huslers

Adam and Holly Husler have created their own online platform, offering yoga classes for everyone, meditations, nidras and sound healing. 


Daily lunch time classes with Tania Brown

Tania Brown is running a yoga class at 12.00 midday on weekdays on IG live.  Sign up via her website


Online live classes with Emma Henry

Emma is teaching 5 classes a week via Zoom. Sign up via her website


Daily free recipes with Bettina’s Kitchen

Easy to make meals for everyone posted daily on IG


Kids breakfast club with Gems Wholesome Kitchen

Get your kids in the kitchen on IG live every day


Contact Jools Sampson




tel: + 44 (0) 7939 907501




It is going to become increasingly difficult to remember to keep calm and look after your mind and body in the forthcoming months, so Sue Royle is showing free bite-sized daily meditation practices on her Facebook group which you are welcome to join in with, CLICK HERE.

On-line Retreats will also be happening, so do check out what Sue is up to and become part of her virtual community of lovely like-minded folk.

Breathe and recharge in the time it takes to boil a kettle.

Download your FREE 'Recharge Meditation' Stop, relax and start to recharge, feel calmer, grounded and more in control of your day... CLICK HERE

Contact Sue Royle





Jules Barnard of Art & Soul


Julia is crafting deeply relaxing selections of interactive yoga classes using the Zoom app. From basic Yin breathing to private 1-to-1 sessions streamed live into your sitting room! For all ages and abilities, special family yoga sessions can be booked.

For a free Pure Yin session: click here

My family tried our first session last night (the dog eventually settled!). We all really enjoyed it, very private, very peaceful and we all slept like logs afterwards.


Contact Jules Barnard




tel: 07881 922992.



Teresa of Yoga Alignment


Sessions booked and changed weekly.


 Ashtanga, Slow Flow, Vinyasa Flow & Yin/Restorative 


Teresa will be offering online classes via Zoom for anyone wishing to participate. 


For a short pranayama practice of Samavritti to help reduce stress and increase calm, CLICK HERE.


Contact Teresa


To book email:



Julia K Yoga


I would like to send a warm, positive message to all clients/students to keeping the strength up, finding a joy in each day, to keep fit and rest more and, may we remember: “what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”


We will all fight this together. 

Julia 🙏🏻🌈

2nd May at 10:15 - 12:15pm – Workshop to cultivate a sense of peace with ourselves and the world around us. TO GO DIRECT TO WORKSHOP: CLICK HERE

For online class schedule, booking form where students can join as one-off’ class or a choice of monthly. I offer 9 classes per week: CLICK HERE

Booking form for online classes: CLICK HERE



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labyrinth and crystal sm.jpg

Mindful Walking

Tofte Manor Labyrinth


Click on image above or link below for

YouTube video

In this video, we see each step being taken on the elemental grass labyrinth at Tofte Manor as if it's with our own body.


Filmed by Suzy Castleman on an early Spring morning in 2020, the day after lockdown has been declared, when opportunities to escape into nature have been shattered, it has become even more important to find a space in which to be with yourself.



To walk a labyrinth is to take time out to listen to your soul and read the signs that you are being shown. To walk a labyrinth is to unravel the thread of your being and gather it up again having touched the Divine within your very core. The unseen part of you speaks to you in riddles, in metaphor. This is the language of the Labyrinth. Try to understand the metaphors that the Labyrinth mirrors back to you.


LISTEN and LOOK In this video


I suggest that you find a quiet place to sit, which is a good idea but if, you have the space to make a circle (about 6 feet in diameter) on the ground or on your floor then do this and you can walk with me. Follow the direction I make and each time I turn, you turn as well, following your circle the same direction. By doing this you will benefit from balancing the hemispheres of your brain by making the equal number of twists and turns into the centre and back out again. Place a crystal in the centre of your circle at home. With your intention connect it with the Tofte Manor labyrinth crystal. That way you will be able to be in the same energy field of the Tofte labyrinth.


What do I mean by ‘Read the Signs’?

For example in this video you will notice that on my return journey I start connecting with the crystal in the middle, every time I make a turn. I also started feeling calmer when I did this.


What is the meaning of this metaphor for me, what is the labyrinth mirroring for me?


The message I received was;

'If I connect to my centre every time I turn a corner in life, every time I adjust and have to change direction, I will be stronger and calmer.' See what comes up for you.

What insight does the labyrinth have for you?



The Tofte Manor Elemental Labyrinth is in the grounds of a private home and retreat centre in Bedfordshire, we hope that in the future you will be able to come and walk it for yourself and experience the pleasure first hand.

Meanwhile, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE and walk your own labyrinth!


Spring Meditation in the

Bluebell Wood

Take a few moments to listen, feel and see Spring in the bluebells at Tofte Manor.


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