Retreat Venues For Hire Near London

Looking for a retreat venue for hire near London?

When hosting any sort of retreat, whether it be crystal healing, meditation or yoga, the location is everything. Choosing the right location can make or break your retreat, so it’s important to put lots of thought into what you need out of the venue.

Do you need the location to be secluded and quiet? Would you like to have full run of the place, so you have the freedom to do as you and your guests please? Are you looking for somewhere that offers quiet places to reflect during the retreat?

If all of these apply to you, Tofte Manor is the perfect place to choose, and here are just 2 reasons why:

Wonderful grounds to explore how you wish- We have lots of grounds for you to explore as you wish, and one of our popular visiting sites is The Labyrinth. It serves as a great setting for those who wish to realign the balance between mind, body and spirit, offering seclusion, magic and quiet.

Flexible to suit your needs- When hiring out our 17th Century manor house, you can choose how much involvement we have. Whether you wish to have a helping hand with the catering or simply would like some recommendations, we’ll be flexible to your requirements during your retreat.

So, to book your retreat venue with Tofte Manor, follow the links on our website where you can also learn lots more about our wonderful manor house.

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