Retreat Venue Hire Near London

Do you need to hire a retreat venue near London?

Based in Bedfordshire, we are the perfect choice for those who are looking to host a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of London. By hosting your retreat with us, you’ll be giving your group the rare opportunity of staying in a beautiful 17th century manor house. Unlike many other retreat venues Tofte Manor is still a family home and has a safe, comforting and warm environment in which to hold you and your group.

You can take full advantage of our stunning gardens, beautiful manor house, magical labyrinth, outdoor fire pit, swimming pool and peaceful workspaces all set in 50 acres of grounds.

A retreat is an opportunity for the mind, body, spirit and soul to reconnect. The magic of Tofte Manor is that it offers you crisp fresh air in beautiful open spaces, special crystals placed in hidden corners, glorious gardens and nature surrounding you, magnificent ancient trees and quiet tranquillity in which to allow this to happen.

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