What People Say About Us: 

Deepest Thanks


I just finished reading an article in The Guardian about your generosity working with Jools Sampson to provide a retreat setting to those NHI staff who had worked so hard during the pandemic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a loving and much needed healing experience.



A retired Registered Nurse in the US

Cathryn Davenport

Glowing Reference!


"I have now run 15 Yoga retreats at Tofte Manor which always fill up very rapidly. It is an utterly unique and amazing venue to offer Yoga and Meditation, especially for City folk who are starved of nature. We love coming here. Tofte Manor has top class facilities with beautiful practice rooms and lovely bedrooms. Our cooks love their kitchen here and the dining room is perfect enabling group meals to feel like banquets. The Manor House is a real wow as are the beautiful grounds which feel very spiritual and healing. The labyrinth adds an extra dimension to the Retreat experience. The staff all make it a real pleasure to organise and Suzy, the owner, is wonderful offering us a warm and heartfelt welcome here into her home. She offers Crystal healing to add an even extra X factor to this magical place...as long as we are allowed in we'll be coming back!"
Warmest wishes
Janet Evans

In our darkest moments we thought of the Labyrinth

"The labyrinth was a concept we'd never heard of until we visited Tofte manor. The whole retreat gave us an inner peace and strength we didn't know we had during the toughest times but the labyrinth gave us hope.  Until this time one uses words such as hope very loosely.  It's only when you are faced with such uncertainty that you realise hope, fear, anxiety all take on a different meaning.


In our darkest moments we thought of the labyrinth and the grounds it was on and the concept it carries. It was our strength.


We promised we'd come back once the operation was complete, so we are extremely grateful to be here today.



Labyrinth Walk

"A magical experience on the solstice. I was feeling very drained, irritable and flat inside. I didn't expect to feel elated and vibrant again, but I did! I felt fresh, new and relaxed and let all the old stuff go"


Magical Experience


"Thank you for the magical experience!

I am totally 'in the flow' ... my inner molecules are dancing."


Successful Retreat

"Thank you so much for all your patience, support and willingness to help make our retreat run successfully."

Jacquelyn & Liz

Magic of Tofte Manor


"Our annual retreat last week was an exceptional experience. To be able to enjoy the magic of Tofte Manor and meet yourself and your wonderful staff. Walking the Labyrinth was a new experience and I managing to start the day with your suggested yoga postures"

Sue Tanner