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"The Comeback is Always Greater Than The Setback" Party.

We totally understand the huge sadness associated with having to postpone your wedding day, but after some thought we realised that actually - as this is a unique year - it should be CELEBRATED TWICE, in unique ways!!

Assuming you are in lock-down with your spouse-to-be, here are some


  • Have a virtual hen night with cocktails, glittery make up and a quiz about the bride.

  • Learn a dance routine with your groomsmen and bridesmaids via Skype or Zoom.

  • Write alternative wedding vows for each other - list what you find lovable and funny.

  • Bake a cake, decorate with sprinkles and flowers, have ceremonial cutting followed by a cake fight and lick it off!

  • Ask your husband-to-be to create an outrageous hairdo and make-up - be brave!

  • Watch the first movie you ever saw together.

  • Make the menu planned for the wedding breakfast - but using quarantine ingredients.

  • Practice saying your vows on Skype to your family.

  • Write toast to family members and say them to them - see if you can make them cry.

  • Re-create your first date.

  • Get dressed up using night clothes, dressing gowns and towels as wedding garments.

  • Ask your best man to record his speech - interpreted by dance movements!

  • Design your ultimate ridiculous wedding outfit.

  • Take wedding style photographs in your dressing-up outfits, posing in unlikely ways.

  • On-line karaoke of favourite songs with bridal group on-line.

  • Share some of your recordings with relatives or friends abroad.

  • Make bunting from photos of friends and family.

  • Get properly childish, bounce on trampoline / have balloon fights / play charades.

  • Make bouquets out of garden flowers or sweet papers.

  • Have a romantic date. A lovely meal by candlelight in beautiful clothes.

  • Make the bed up as a hotel room - chocolate on pillow and flower petals on cover.


Share your happiest/funniest photos and stories of you or your friends postponed weddings during lock-down 2020 on Instagram #postponedweddingstofte or tag @toftemanor.

The loveliest stories and images will be featured in this blog and you will be

invited to an exclusive tea party in the gardens at Tofte Manor and for a guided walk on the labyrinth (when safe to do so).

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