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Keeping things special during Lockdown could wear a little thin after a while. By planning a date night, or series of date nights, you can have great fun and create a bit of magic!

FILM NIGHT. If you have a projector or can borrow one, a film in the garden is pure joy!

As daylight fades and stars begin to prick the night sky, what could be more romantic than snuggling up together to watch a classic film together?

Hang a white sheet over the washing line and surround it with fairy lights. Put out some comfortable garden seats or picnic blanket and cushions, a pile of soft rugs to snuggle under, a bottle of fizz, some popcorn and maybe some home-made pizza.

With film choices from Netflix; iPlayer; Disney; NowTV; Britbox; Amazon Prime and many more - along with live musicals/opera/theatre there are many wonderful choices to fit your mood and tastes.

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