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You might have already planned your wedding breakfast with your caterers, so wouldn't it be great to make up part of that menu on your postponed wedding day? However, it might be more fun to create something SIMPLE and EXOTIC together for an 'AT HOME' wedding day feast - using ingredients from your store cupboard and fridge.

The Jamie Oliver series, (Keep-Cooking-And-Carry-On) filmed on iPhones by his wife and daughter during lockdown is great fun! They really did have to create meals from what was in the cupboard - and showed what you could improvise with if basic ingredients were missing. This is a great fun way of cooking because imagination is the best ingredient and messy fun the order of the day.

My daughter and I chose to make the Roasted Veggie Curry and Stuffed Naan Bread. Sounds flash but is fantastically SIMPLE. The naan or flatbread, was literally just flour and water! Once it was a nice sticky dough, it was flattened out, a layer of a spinach mixture flavoured with some lovely spices added then made into parcel. The veg curry was made with lots of different fresh veg mixed with curry paste and roasted! It sounds simple, tasted DELICIOUS and was great to do.

These are some of the pictures as we made them, but go to the source for the original recipe!

(sorry, we haven't included the picture when the flour wall broke through and the water escaped everywhere!)

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