The formal gardens include lawns surrounded by box-hedged herbaceous borders crammed with peonies, roses, iris, penstemon, delphinium, nepeta and many other loved cottage-garden perennials. These are interspersed with more structural plants giving the flower beds height, depth, shape and background. A delicious sensual experience! 

All the planting has been done with careful

consideration for year round interest and structure. Pointed coniferous trees stand sentinel at the top of the sunken garden adding further height, geometry and framework for the main lawn. Themed colours run through the borders backed by attractive shubs and trees. The garden design shows as much an artistic hand as the interior of the Manor House.

Standing beside the house is a magnificent

Magnolia Grandiflora which seems to always be in bloom.

Stone steps lead down from the main lawn to a sunken garden with a rose arbour housing a statue, a crystal ball water- feature and a statue of a dancer with a  crystal in the centre of a formal parterre. Through the rose archway in the wall, you can see the gardens merging into meadowland.

Massive, ancient trees stand guard in the grounds hiding The Sanctuary, The Labyrinth, a tree house, a giant table and chairs, a carved Green Man & Woman, the fire-pit and drifts of wild flowers and shrubs. From the huge trees, swing seats can be found for sitting peacefully when lost in thought or immersed in your surroundings.

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